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Target:Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School


Students are the foundation of ABC Pathways School, and we endeavour to bring the best quality teaching into secondary and primary schools, and kindergartens in Hong Kong. We arrange NET teachers as well as tailor-make effective English programmes to cater to the different learning needs of students in individual schools. In addition to meeting direct educational needs, we offer professional support in accordance with each school/organisation’s philosophy and schedule.

ABC Pathways School— “Educational Partner” of Cambridge University Press

Since 2004, ABC Pathways School was appointed by the renowned Cambridge University Press as their “Educational Partner” – the one and only in Hong Kong. We have been providing local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools with comprehensive educational services including English programmes, teacher support, development consultancy as well as Young Learners English (YLE) exams, strengthening our authority in teaching Cambridge English.

ABC Pathways School was appointed by Cambridge English Language Assessment as an “Authorised Centre” from 2014. We have been introducing Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) Exams to Hong Kong students in which candidates are using iPads with confidence and yielding good results.

We have carefully selected a professional, and caring teaching team of more than 100 Native
English speakers.

Our Course Development Department provides teacher training and support to ensure the
highest standards of teaching quality are met.

Regular meetings will be arranged with school to discuss students’ progress, along with follow ups and suggestions.
We will as well meet parents in report appointments.

Professional NET Teachers

ABC Pathways School carefully select our professional NET teachers, taking care of the process from recruitment, training and programme planning. All the teachers are trained by our Course Development Department. Our Course Development Team as well tailor-makes effective programmes for students of different learning needs in individual schools. We also provides regular follow ups on students’ learning progress so as to help minimise your school’s administrative work.

• Your school can choose the textbooks to be used /programme to be taught or to choose ABC Cambridge or ABC Read4Fun by ABC Pathways School

• 1 – 4 days per week; 3 hours or more per day

Cambridge English Exam Venue

Provides the option of individual schools’ own campus or ABC Pathways School campus


Exam Preparation Class in Your School

Teaches YLE vocabulary and skills, and conducts mock exams, all based on YLE requirements

ABC Cambridge English

Appropriate Level

K1 – F5


Course Outline

• Encourages fun learning
• Uses a variety of teaching materials such as CD-roms, picture and word cards to enhance students’ interest in
English learning
• Students are assessed and placed in classes based on ability
• Report appointment with parents to follow up on students’ learning progress
• Arrange regular course assessments
• Upon the completion of each level, ABC will present students with a “ABC Cambridge – Certificate of Completion”.

Learning Objectives

Kindergarten to early Primary level:

• Vocabulary building: 1,200+ words
• Masters basic grammar and use full
sentences in speaking activities
• Ability to read and write short paragraphs

Primary level:

• Vocabulary building: 7,500+ words
• Masters advanced grammar
• Ability to read chapter books
• Expands personal writing style
• Advanced research techniques

Secondary level:

• Vocabulary building: 10,000+ words
• Ability to analyse chapter books
• Planning and composition of themed
• Apply English in real-world situations

ABC Read4Fun 

Appropriate Level

K1 (2nd semester) – P2


Course Outline

• A phonics programme specially designed based on ABC’s years of experience
• Encourages fun learning
• Upon the completion of each level, ABC will present students with a “Read4Fun – Certificate of Completion”.

Learning Objectives

• Ability to read sounds
• Blends and reads English words
• Spells simple words
• Write simple sentences

Cambridge English Exam Preparation

Appropriate Level

K3 – P5


Course Outline

• Introduce types of questions and tasks
• Strengthens relevant exam skills


Learning Objectives

• Prepare in a low-pressure way to boost
• Enhance overall English standard of

Tailor-made English programme

Appropriate Level

English programme Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary


Course Outline and Learning Objectives

• Tailor-made English programmes to cater to the different learning needs of students

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