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iLearn Kindergarten

● Specially suitable for learners who are being promoted to international schools or local Band One schools

● Double the learning pace of Cambridge English compared to the regular programme

● Three-days-per-week iLearn Kindergarten teaches 2 levels of ABC Cambridge English in each academic year (in an approx. 10 month timeframe)

● Upon the completion of a three-year iLearn Kindergarten programme, learners are able to achieve the P2 English level of a Band One school

All applicants are required to attend an open admission interview

Annual application :

  • Sep (1st Term):in Apr – Jul
  • Feb(2nd Term):in Oct – Jan
ABC iLearn Academy Live Workshop

適合2歲至小學生選讀。完成3年課程,等同Band One 學校之P2 英文程度。

讀、寫 ➡ K3達P2英語水平,可獨立讀寫短文或文章
聽、講 ➡ 劍橋英語、聽講、串字
拼音 ➡ Read4Fun拼音、閱讀、寫作
創意 ➡ 國際學校 #PBL (Project based learning)

School Fee:


1)  iLearn課程已包括所有書簿費的