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iLearn Kindergarten

●Double the learning pace of Cambridge English compared to the regular programme

●Upon the completion of a three-year iLearn Kindergarten programme, learners are able to achieve the P2 English level of a Band One school

iLearn is especially suitable for learners who are being promoted to international schools or local Band One schools

All applicants are required to attend an open admission interview

Annual application :

  • Sep (1st Term):in Apr – Jul
  • Feb(2nd Term):in Oct – Jan
ABC iLearn Academy Live Workshop

適合2歲至小學生選讀。完成3年課程,等同Band One 學校之P2 英文程度。

讀、寫 ➡ K3達P2英語水平,可獨立讀寫短文或文章
聽、講 ➡ 劍橋英語、聽講、串字
拼音 ➡ Read4Fun拼音、閱讀、寫作
創意 ➡ 國際學校 #PBL (Project based learning)

School Fee:


1)  iLearn課程已包括所有書簿費的