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iStart Playgroup

●Targets the prime period for learning by immersing young learners in a fun and interactive setting to foster an interest in learning

●Helps learners build up a solid English foundation as well as enhancing general knowledge in preparation for their kindergarten life

● Enables learners to express themselves confidently and to understand teachers’ instructions

●Teaches everyday knowledge: specially designed monthly themes; e.g. marine life, seasonal changes, animals, body parts, food and drink, etc

●Enhances fine and gross motor skills development: arts and crafts, and team-building activities

● Introduces alphabet and word recognition; abundant children’s action songs, and thematic task-based games

●Establishes listening and comprehension abilities; story-telling and role play


School Fee:


1) 所有ABC課程均按月收費,每級課程另有書簿費(iStart Playgroup 除外)
2) iLearn Kindergarten為一星期3日課程
3) iStart Preschool、iStart及iStart Playgroup為一星期2日課程。