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ABC Read4Fun 

● Based on ABC’s years of experience, Read4Fun is exclusively designed for young learners in Hong Kong who learn at a fast pace

● A highly effective programme, of which learning progress is around 1.5 – 2 years faster than that of the other phonics programmes in Hong Kong / reading and writing courses on the market

● Learners completing the Read4Fun programme in few years are expected to have achieved a standard (in pronunciation, spelling, writing full sentences and passages) comparable to that of international schools

● Helps learners build up a foundation in reading and writing full sentences. An achievement that will enable them to easily tackle writing tasks (e.g. article writing and dictation) in early primary school

Applicants are assessed and placed by the center to an appropriate Read4Fun level at any time of the year

School Fee:


1) Read4Fun課程每级需另繳交書簿费
2) 入讀年龄K1下學期至P2。