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ABC Cambridge English : ABC Discovery 

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ABC Discovery

“ABC Discovery” does not only enhance students’ English proficiency, but also broaden their worldview and global awareness. The curriculum covers global themes such as current affairs, geography, history, biology, science, and culture, aiming at fostering students’ global perspective and sense of social responsibility.

(Project Based Learning [PBL])

Appropriate age:P2 – F3

●PBL motivates and engages a new generation of outstanding English learners to solve real world problems

●Allows our learners to explore, inspiring them to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and make breakthroughs beyond the classroom setting

  • ABC has exclusively launched the “ABC Discovery” programme in Hong Kong, which follows the teaching model of Project-Based Learning.
  • The course materials are developed by the “Cambridge University Press”, incorporating real-world and topical themes.
  • Students will gain inspiration from the intriguing contents of the real world and extend their learning field beyond the classroom.
  • This course is suitable for students who pursue high-quality learning outcomes. Through group discussions, data collection and research, and the use of a large vocabulary and grammar for presentations and writing, students will spontaneously enhance their learning abilities, presentation and writing skills.

●Specially designed to facilitate learners’ development of English proficiency to a high level (P2 and above)

●Suitable for learners who are pursuing the highest quality outcomes; through class discussion, exploration of research techniques, presentations and report writing using abundant vocabulary and grammar skills

● Learners use their own initiatives to enhance their learning abilities through presentation and writing skills

All learners must participate in a one-on-one entry assessment conducted by one of our native English teachers. Learners are placed in classes based on ability over age and at a level most appropriate to their learning needs

K1 – K2

●Learners are required to take a listening and speaking assessment, as well as an assessment of fine motor skills to enter “ABC Cambridge: Key English Skills”


K3 – P2

●Learners are required to take a listening and speaking assessment, as well as a Cambridge past paper reading and writing assessment to enter “ABC Cambridge: Key English Skills”


P2 – P6*

●More advanced standard of English is required. Learners are expected to successfully complete “Cambridge Young Learners English: Flyers” level or above

●Learners should additionally possess adequate skills in comprehension and composition to enter “ABC Cambridge: Project Based Learning”


F1 – F5*

●The entry assessment will be conducted by the Centre Manager or Head Teacher in order to gauge the skills and suitability of learners for entering “ABC Cambridge: Young Professionals”

School Fee:


1) CDIR專為程度較高P2或以上的學生報讀
2) 學生必須達Flyers或以上程度
3) 需安排1:1個别面試

Linguaskill by Cambridge

ABC Pathways Group is recognised by Cambridge Assessment (English) as an authorised Linguaskill agent and conduct Linguaskill by Cambridge in Hong Kong SAR.

  • 100% online assessment, not limited by time nor location
  • Complete listening, speaking, reading and writing tests in the comfort of your own home
  • Flexible, allows for selection of individual modules to meet job requirements
  • Results within 3 working days, accurate and efficient
  • Globally recognised benchmark, aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as well as IELTS
Updates for YLE Test

From January 2021, parents who are interested in registering their child for a YLE test, should study the relevant information and register directly with the British Council via their website.