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ABC Cambridge English:Young Professionals

ABC Cambridge English:Young Professionals

  劍橋英文 中學課程
Course Levels

Level 15- 17

專業英語 (Young Professionals)

Starting month Join any time year round
Appropriate age F3 – F5
Class size 10
Duration per lesson(hrs) 1.5
No. of lesson per week 1
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ABC Cambridge English:Young Professionals

  • The course emphasises advanced terminology in the fields of business, science, career, and cultural studies. It also aims to enhance students’ skills in presentation, debate, and the creation of English speeches regarding global issues. The course’s objective is to foster students’ global perspectives and develop their sense of social responsibility.
  • By incorporating innovative and captivating content, the course inspires students to delve into learning beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Vocabulary (Accumulate 10,000+ words): Focus on advanced terminology for business, science, careers, and cultural studies. E.g. “terms related to finance, online communication, psychology, and the media, etc.”
  • Grammar: Expressing wishes and regrets, expressing contrast, expressions of purpose, reason and result, etc.
  • Project examples: Create and market a product, create a proposal on how to raise money for charity, create a personal CV/resume, create a short film/documentary, etc.
  • Real-world Applications: Mock interviews, financial literacy, debate sessions, and creating English presentations on global issues.

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From January 2021, parents who are interested in registering their child for a YLE test, should study the relevant information and register directly with the British Council via their website.

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