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ABC Summer Programme 2024 Enrollment – Terms & Conditions

1. The maximum class capacity for all courses is 10 students, based on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. The school will notify students of class arrangements via the ABC App before the course starts. The assigned teacher for summer courses will depend on the teacher on duty that day.

3. In case of situations such as epidemics, influenza, or severe weather conditions, ABC will follow the guidelines provided by the Education Bureau. If face-to-face classes need to be suspended, the class will be conducted online to ensure students’ learning progress and safety.

  • 3a. If the class switches to an online format, children are required to attend the online classes through the Zoom video system. Parents should install Zoom on their home computers or tablets in advance.
  • 3b. Please attend the class in a quiet environment and ensure stable Wi-Fi or internet connection. No make-up sessions or refunds will be provided for absences, late logins, or self-interruptions during the class.
  • 3c. Recording, photography, and audio recording during online classes are not allowed.

4. If a student needs to take sick leave, they must provide a medical certificate to the ABC Centre before applying for make-up lessons (subject to class availability).

5. Some summer courses can be used for make-up lessons, and parents should pay attention to the following details:

  • 5a. For the “ABC Explorers” programme, which consists of 6 weeks and 30 classes, there is no limit for make-up lessons.
  • 5b. The afternoon classes within the 6-week period (1:30-4:45pm) can also be used for make-up lessons, with a maximum of 3 lessons per course.
  • 5c. Make-up lessons will be arranged based on the number of hours, and only the hour difference (if any) and relevant material fees need to be paid ($400 for every 5 lessons of the “ABC Explorers” programme; $600 for every 15 lessons).

6. Once the course tuition fee is paid, no refunds will be granted. In the case of personal emergencies, special refund requests may be considered:

  • 6a. Refunds do not cover classes that have already started, as well as course materials and material fees
  • 6b. If a cash refund is chosen, an additional refund handling fee of $200 per registration form must be paid.

7. Any changes made after enrollment will incur an administrative handling fee of $100.

8. In order to maintain personal and school hygiene, students are not allowed to bring food to consume on school premises.

9. If a student has any food or material allergies, parents must provide written notification to the school during enrollment.

10. ABC has the right to photograph or record students during classes for promotional purposes. If parents have objections, they must provide written notice to the school during enrollment.

11. ABC Pathways School may use my personal information (name, phone number, and email address) to contact me regarding student and course-related matters through the ABC App, WhatsApp, email, direct phone calls, or other forms of communication. ABC will not transfer my personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

12. ABC reserves all final decision-making authority.