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ABC Pathways Summer Programme Video:
【2024】2024 ABC Pathways School: A 6-Week English Adventure for Your Child this Summer! 

Special Offers:

Offer #1: $6,450 Combo Offer

Enroll for 2 courses (each worth $6,450) in the same 3 weeks: Pay only $11,800

Enroll for 4 courses (each worth $6,450) over the entire 6 weeks: Pay only $22,800

Offer #2: Super-Early Bird: Save up to $1,000 when you enrol on or before May 31st, 2024*

1) You can select either Offer #1 or Offer #2;
2) All entitled offers are based on the total payment of each individual application form;
3) Offer #2 is not applicable for any payments involving: make-up arrangements, and other combo offers.
4) “ABC Explorers” can be used as a make-up class, only requiring the payment of the hourly difference (if any) and a material fee of $400 per week.
5) All promotions do not apply to the “Read4Fun Parent’s Phonics Workshop” (Face-to-face).

Summer Referral Rewards:

Any students enrolled in the Summer course who successfully refer new students to ABC’s summer programmes, will be rewarded one of the following gift items (each worth $280)*: 

  1. 《Read4Fun Phonics Sound Cards Box Set》
  2. ABC ASK! ‘Always Seek Knowledge’ Book 1 (for Cambridge exams preparation) OR Book 2 [Limited Edition]

*Limited quantity, while stocks last. 🔥
**Only applicable to students who have paid the tuition in full for enrolling in summer classes.


9 Selected Summer Courses Overview:
(All afternoon courses starting from 1:30pm can be used for make-up lessons)
1. Summer Phonics (Signature Course)
  • Age Group: Going into K2, K3-P1, P2-P3
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Levels: E1, E2, E3, Primary
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 3 weeks per session (15 lessons) or 6 weeks (30 lessons)
  • Tuition: $6,450 / $12,900

Course Introduction:
Want to unlock the magical world of reading with ease and fun? Dive into our Summer Phonics course!


To equip students with foundational phonics skills, enabling them to read confidently and effectively.

Key Learning:

  • Master pure sounds pronunciation for clear and accurate reading.
  • Develop blending and decoding skills to read new words independently.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of basic phonics rules, setting a strong foundation for future reading success.
  • Upon the completion of this summer course, students can be placed to the regular “Read4Fun” phonics courses in September, according to the individual progress to jump into Read4Fun – Level 1 to Level 3.

Embark on this phonics adventure and transform into a confident reader! enrol now for a summer of fun and learning.

2. Summer Fun Camp (Signature Course)
  • Age Group: Going into K2, K3
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 3 hours
  • Duration: 3 weeks (15 lessons) or 6 weeks (30 lessons)
  • Tuition: $10,500 / $21,000


Course Introduction:
Ready for a summer of unforgettable fun and learning? Our Summer Fun Camp is the perfect mix of education and excitement!


To provide a balanced experience of academic learning and fun activities, fostering overall development in young learners.

Key Learning:

Academic Skills:

  • Enhance reading and writing foundations with Read4Fun and Cambridge curriculum elements.
    Build vocabulary and comprehension, and strengthen listening and speaking skills

Creative and Critical Thinking:

  • Unleash creativity in craft-making and artistic expression.
  • Develop critical thinking through interactive group activities and problem-solving.

Confidence and Exploration:

  • Boost self-confidence and public speaking skills through drama and role-play.
  • Explore scientific concepts, encouraging curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

Don’t miss out on this summer adventure filled with learning, creativity, and fun. Secure your spot in our Summer Fun Camp today!

3. Kindergarten Preparation
  • Age Group: Going into K1
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks / 30 lessons in 6 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450 / $12,900
Course Introduction:
Ready for a fun and smooth transition to kindergarten life? Our Kindergarten Preparation course is here to guide your little one every step of the way!
To prepare children for kindergarten by fostering independence, adapting them to a learning environment, and sparking joy in their upcoming school journey.


Key Learning:

  • Build English comprehension through engaging stories, songs, and activities.
  • Cultivate a love for learning and reading and expand vocabulary.
  • Enhance classroom participation and cooperation skills, setting a strong foundation for future learning experiences.

Give your child a head start for a happy and successful kindergarten experience. enrol in our Kindergarten Preparation course today!

4. Starters Preparation & Spelling
  • Age Group: Going into K3-P1
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    17/7 – 4/8 OR 7/8 – 25/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450
Course Introduction:
Is your child ready to excel in their first English language exam? Jumpstart their learning journey with our Starters Preparation & Spelling course!


To equip young learners with essential vocabulary and spelling skills, and to familiarise them with the format and skills needed for the Starters exam.

Key Learning:

  • Master key vocabulary and practical spelling skills through tailored exercises.
  • Enhance comprehension abilities, preparing for exam-style questions.
  • Gain familiarity with the Starters exam format and develop effective test-taking strategies.


Additional Information:

  • *Students are required to conduct a free assessment online: www.schoolnet.hk
  • ** Those who scored 15 points in the Starters assessment are eligible for enrolling in this course.

Ensure your child is confidently prepared for their YLE Starters exam. Enrol now in our specialised preparation course!

5. Grammar & Writing 
  • Age Group: Going into P1, P2-P3, P4-P5
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks / 30 lessons in 6 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450 / $12,900
Course Introduction:
Dive into the world of English with our combined Grammar & Writing course, designed to make mastering grammar fun and practical through writing!


To enhance understanding of English grammar by applying key concepts in writing, focusing on tenses, parts of speech, and sentence structure, while boosting literacy and communication skills.

Key Learning:

  • Master tenses, parts of speech, and sentence structures through targeted writing exercises.
  • Practice grammar rules within writing tasks to reinforce learning and usage.
  • Develop literacy, oral communication, critical thinking, and creativity through integrated grammar and writing activities.

Begin your journey to becoming proficient in English grammar and writing. Enrol in our Grammar and Writing course today and take the first step towards effective communication!

6.  Reading & Comprehension
  • Age Group: Going into P1, P2-P3, P4-P5, P6+
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks / 30 lessons in 6 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450 / $12,900
Course Introduction:
Embark on an adventure through enchanting stories and develop your reading and comprehension skills with our Reading & Comprehension course!


To enhance reading fluency and comprehension abilities, focusing on engaging with stories and performing detailed analysis through comprehension tasks.

Key Learning:

  • Enhance vocabulary and reading fluency by exploring a variety of reading materials.
  • Master the skill of extracting information and answering comprehension questions with precision.
  • Dive into different genres, understanding narrative structures and themes for a deeper appreciation of texts.

Begin your journey of discovery and understanding through the power of reading. Join our Reading Comprehension and Exploration course today and unlock the world of reading!

7. P1 Preparation
  • Age Group: Going into K3-P1
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    17/7 – 4/8 OR 7/8 – 25/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450
Course Introduction:
Is your child set to embark on their primary school journey? Our P1 Preparation course is designed to make this transition smooth and enjoyable!


To prepare children for primary school by building a strong foundation in English, enhancing self-confidence, and developing adaptability to new learning environments.

Key Learning:

  • Expand vocabulary and improve word recognition skills.
  • Develop question-and-answer skills along with reading proficiency.
  • Strengthen self-expression, communication skills, and logical thinking through interactive activities.
Get your child ready for primary school with confidence and ease. enrol in our P1 Preparation course today and set the stage for a successful academic journey!

8. Fun and Practical Science
  • Age Group: Going into P2-P3, P4-P5, P6+
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 15 lessons in 3 weeks / 30 lessons in 6 weeks
  • Tuition: $6,450 / $12,900


Course Introduction:
Are you ready to embark on a thrilling scientific adventure this summer? Our Fun and Practical Science course brings the wonders of science to life!


To introduce young learners to the basics of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in an engaging and practical way, while enhancing their English, comprehension, writing, and problem-solving skills.

Key Learning:

  • Explore basic scientific concepts through diversified and interesting themes.
  • Engage in tasks and small experiments to absorb new knowledge and concepts.
  • Develop comprehension, writing, and problem-solving abilities within a scientific context.

Unleash your child’s curiosity and love for science! Join our Fun and Practical Science course for a summer filled with learning and discovery.

9. ABC Explorers (Brand New!)
  • Age Group: Tailored for students entering K1-K2, K3-P1, P2-P3, P4-P5, and P6+
  • Date: Monday to Friday
    15/7 – 2/8 and/ or 5/8 – 23/8
  • Per Lesson: 1.5 hours
  • Duration: 5 lessons a week / 30 lessons in 6 weeks
    Tuition: $2,350/week


Course Introduction:
Is your child ready to embark on an extraordinary learning adventure this summer? Join Anna, Ben, and their robot friend CLICK as they travel through time and space, exploring the wonders of our world and beyond. From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space, each lesson is a new adventure!


  • To catch up on missed lessons in a fun and engaging way, ensuring your child is ready for the next academic year.
  • To reinforce and expand vocabulary and grammar skills in preparation for the Cambridge YLE and new Linguaskill tests.
  • To foster a love for learning through themed adventures that encourage curiosity about the world.

Key Learning:

  • Enhanced vocabulary and grammar comprehension aligned with Cambridge YLE and Linguaskill requirements.
  • Improved reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through thematic lessons.
  • Greater awareness of global cultures, scientific wonders, and historical milestones, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Don’t let your child miss out on this summer’s most exciting learning journey! Spaces are limited – enrol in ABC’s Adventure Quest today and watch your child’s imagination and knowledge soar. Contact us now to secure your spot and for more details on how to join Anna, Ben, and CLICK on this incredible adventure.

《Read4Fun Parent’s Phonics Workshop》(Face-to-face)
  • Target Audience: Parents 
  • Campus: Tseung Kwan O Campus
  • Date: July 20 & 27, and August 3 & 10 (Saturdays)
  • Time: 10:30am – 1:00pm
  • Duration: Each lesson is 2.5 hours long, totalling 10 hours.
  • Course Fee: $4,560 

*Maximum 20 parents per session (first come, first served) 


Course Features: 

  • This is an intensive short course tailor-made for parents. It efficiently teaches Synthetic Phonics, including pure sounds, correct pronunciation of a range of vocabulary, as well as blending and decoding skills. All of these can effectively equip parents with the necessary skills to support their children’s phonics learning at home, greatly enhancing children’s English reading and spelling abilities.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Provides ways to help establish the foundations of English reading skills. 
  • Encourages parent-child reading with useful tips to improve children’s reading comprehension. 


《ABC Pathways International Kindergarten》幼稚園暑期課程 暑假playgroup 課程 

  • 31/5前報名享高達$1200早鳥優惠
  • 5星期全方位提升學習能力
  • 國際幼稚園課堂教學模式
  • 預先為升學做好準備,無縫銜接開學


4大兒童暑期課程/暑假 playgroup:

1️⃣ 中、英、數暑假夏令營 (半日)


  • 讓幼兒更容易適應PN 生活 + 語文及語言 (中文及英文)
  • 認知發展 + 個人、團體發展、情緒管理等

2️⃣ 中、英、數暑假夏令營 (半日)


  • 提升分析、推理、判斷和解決問題的能力
  • 升P1暑假夏令營:來年升小一的幼兒設計,讓幼兒更容易適應小一生活等

3️⃣中、英、數及創意藝術暑假夏令營 (全日)


  • 加入奧數及藝術等課程,讓幼兒全方位發展
  • 提升分析、推理、判斷和解決問題的能力等



  • 提升閱讀、理解句子及文章的能力,升班後能輕鬆駕馭中文
  • 學習運用四素句 + 認識不同的部首等



  • 認識聲母韻母及4 聲 + 學習正確發音
  • 掌握基本拼讀漢語拼音


日期:22/7 – 23/8


地點:ABC Pathways International Kindergarten 黃埔 / 太古分校

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten


ABC兒童暑期課程  常見問題

1. ABC暑期英語課程與坊間一般的兒童暑期班有甚麼分別?


  • ABC 擁有超過 100 人的教學團隊,全部的英語老師為 native speakers,母語為英語; 
  • 老師團隊都曾接受 *TEFL / TESOL 或 DEGREE 以上的師資訓練,當中更擁有豐富的教學經驗;  
  • 所有ABC老師入職後,都必須先接受過教學總監或首席導師正式培訓,包括劍橋、拼音、課堂管理、教學理論等內部培訓,達到指定水平才可以任教; 
  • 而ABC暑期英文課程亦採用全英語教授,務求讓小朋友充實過暑假,於沉浸式的英語學習體驗中得到最佳學習成效。 

6星期 = 7.5個月恆常課程進度 

  • ABC暑期英語班是Intensive的課程,一星期有5天的課堂,6個星期的學習相等於恆常課程7.5個月的內容,每天持續吸收知識,大大擴大英語語境,提升進度和成效。 


  • ABC提供全港最多選擇的暑期英文課程種類,包括:Read4Fun拼音、閱讀理解、Grammar、Summer Camp、劍橋備考班、升幼 / 升小預備班及科學班等等,全面提升學生全方位的英語能力; 
  • ABC的教學顧問亦會按小朋友的興趣、能力和學習進度,幫助家長打造個人化的暑期學習計劃。兒童暑期課程 


「好玩」及「高成效」的Happy School教學法 

  • ABC暑期英語課程採用「好玩」及「高成效」的互動教學,讓學生用「玩住學、學住玩」的方式投入學習過程,享受英語學習的樂趣,跳出傳統教學的框框,打破「硬背死記」的低成效學習模式。 

2. ABC暑期英文班的師生比例是?

ABC 暑期英語課程以小班教學模式進行,師生的比例為1:10,以確保所有學生能得到充分的照顧,同時維持課堂上的互動性,以達最高學習成效。 

3. Week 1-3 及Week 4-6的暑期英語課程內容會重複嗎?

  • 除了《劍橋Starters備考及串字班》及《小一預備班》外,其他所有Week 1-3及Week 4-6的暑假英文班內容均不一樣,家長可連續報讀6星期;
  • 而《每週奇妙歷險》為一星期5天兒童英文暑期班;每日主題也不同;亦可報足6星期。

4. 如果同一日連續報讀兩個1.5小時的暑期英文班,中間15分鐘的休息時間,家長須接走小朋友嗎?

  • 兩個課堂之間的15分鐘時間,ABC課程主任會協助照顧小朋友; 
  • ABC建議家長可以為小朋友於每3星期,一日內連續報讀兩個1.5小時的暑期英文班 (共3小時),讓小朋友整個上午/下午在校集中學習,時間運用會比較划算,亦可節省交通時間。 

Week 1-3 Week 4-6 暑期英文課程內容相同,可報3星期: 



Week 1-3 Week 4-6 暑期英文課程內容不一樣,可報6星期: 

《暑期拼音快車》 (升讀K2–P3)
《FUN FUN夏令營》 (升讀K2–K3)
《幼稚園預備班》 (升讀K1)
《英語文法及寫作班》 (升讀P1–P5)
《閱讀理解訓練班》 (升讀P1–P6+)
《有趣實用科學班》 (升讀P2-P6+)

Week 1-6 每週暑期英文班內容不一樣,可報6星期:

4天課程 (10小時) :
《Read4Fun家長拼音應用面授課程》(家長 或 有意提升拼音基礎之P5+學生) 

5. 於暑假英文班請假後,可以補堂嗎?

  • 所有暑假英文課程,除病假外不設補堂安排;如請病假,必須向分校提供醫生證明後,才可申請補堂 (受每班名額限制);並須繳交相關課程之物料費。  

6. 若遇上打風 / 惡劣天氣,不能回校上暑期英文班,甚麼辦?

  • ABC會按照教育局指引;如需停止面授課堂;該課堂將轉為網上形式,以協助學生如期學習,並同時確保安全; 
  • 如課堂轉為網上形式,小朋友須透過「Zoom視頻系統」進行網上課堂,家長請先於家用電腦或平板電腦安裝好Zoom。

7. 完成6星期的暑期英語班,可以銜接到ABC恆常課程嗎?

  • 完成6星期的暑假英文班後,接著到新學年9月開學,可銜接報讀9月份恆常班課程; 
  • ABC專業教學團隊會安排小朋友在暑期班完結後按老師建議 / 進行評估,再按個別能力程度跳入恆常課程,進一步持續提升英語能力。 

8. 恆常課程的補堂時數,可用於暑期課程作補堂?

今年暑假,ABC提別提供多個課程供學生補堂之用,以時數對時數計,只需繳交時數差額 (如有): 

  • 《每週奇妙歷險》6星期共30堂,可無上限作補堂之用;物料費為每星期$400; 
  • 而6星期內所有下午班 (1:30-4:45pm期間) 之15堂課程亦可用作補堂,每課程上限為3堂。 

9. 網上報讀兒童暑期課程,我未能成功建立帳戶,系統顯示我的電郵已註冊?

  • 如家長之前曾以電郵登記參加ABC Pathways Group任何課程、活動或講座,系統已自動為家長建立帳戶,並顯示已註冊。   
  • 當報讀ABC暑期課程,建立帳戶時如發現個人電郵已註冊,請按以下步驟:  
  1. 回到登入版面,輸入沿用電郵; 
  2. 按「忘記密碼」,並按步驟重設密碼登入;  
  3. 重新登入,繼續報讀兒童英文暑期班。 

10. 現讀《ABC iLearn Kindergarten》,暑假會暫停上課嗎?

  • 《ABC iLearn Kindergarten》學生於 7 月中便會完成一年課程,9 月再正式升讀下一級開課。老師會按照每位 iLearn 學生現時的學習進度及情況,建議報讀合適的 3 星期/6 星期暑期課程,以鞏固基礎。
  • ABC 暑期課程提供多元選擇予 iLearn 小朋友密集式極速追進度,鞏固基礎,課程包括:
    • i) 拼音
    • ii) 劍橋備考及加強串字
    • iii) SUMMER Camp
    • iv) 科學、生活知識
    • v) 升小預備
    • vi) 閱讀理解
    • vii) 文法+寫作
    • viii) 每週歷險加強詞彙運用

11. 現讀恆常課程《Read4Fun 拼音讀寫》/《ABC 劍橋英語》/《ABC iLearn Primary》/《ABC iStart、Preschool、Playgroup》,暑假會暫停上課嗎?

  • ABC 恆常課程學生會於暑假期間持續上課,亦可以按老師建議報讀暑期課程,大大加強語境,或按不同學習需要以追趕進度。
  • ABC 暑期課程提供多元選擇予恆常班小朋友密集式極速追進度,鞏固基礎,課程包括:
    • i) 拼音
    • ii) 劍橋備考及加強串字
    • iii) SUMMER Camp
    • iv) 科學、生活知識
    • v) 升幼預備
    • vi) 升小預備
    • vii) 閱讀理解
    • viii) 文法+寫作
    • ix) 每週歷險加強詞彙運用

12. 之前想報恆常班,已經評估了;現在報暑期班,還要再評估嗎?

【報讀 ABC 暑期課程】

  • 一般來說,報讀暑期課程不需要做評估,家長只須按小朋友 9 月升讀的年級便可。
  • 請家長留意,ABC 現讀生報讀暑期課程,亦不需要做評估;老師會按小朋友的進度及表現建議合適的暑期課程,家長最遲於 4 月中收到所讀分校的 WhatsApp 通知。

【報讀 ABC 恆常課程】

  • 如果報讀恆常課程,小朋友 3 個月內已評估未獲編班,直接聯絡分校安排入讀便可。
  • 但評估如已超過 3 個月,還未入讀恆常班,那便需要再做評估,以便為小朋友編入最適合的班別(評估編班一般有效期為 3 個月)。

13. 暑期班的內容會否跟 iLearn/ 恆常課程的相同?會否重覆所學?

  • 請家長放心,所有暑期班的學習內容與恆常課程的教材及要求並不一樣,所以課程內容不會重複;
  • 每年暑假,ABC 目標是透過不同類別的課程,針對性地加強小朋友於不同學習範疇的能力/學習需要,例如:
    📍一些小朋友升小後,需要加強 Grammar 應用;

14. 我小朋友的幼稚園同學仔也有報 ABC 暑期班,但他獲建議的暑期級別比我小朋 友的高 / 低?

讓我們分享多點,其實每一個學生都有個別情況 / 學習需要,例如:

  • 有些小朋友想立即先入讀恆常班,因此於註冊後會獲仔細評估,團隊也會同時按其恆常班將建立起的相應能力,建議最合適的暑期課程;
  • 又如有一些情況:父母知道小朋友英文程度較強弱,未必能應付一般對應級別,因此報讀時主動調低一兩級,以追趕進度、打穩根基;
  • 另外,亦有些小朋友語文學習能力較高,有機會適合去報讀要求較高的級別;
  • 所以我校很難以一個小朋友的單一例子去回答,溫馨提示家長報讀暑期班之前,歡迎與團隊溝通,讓我們先了解你小朋友的能力,再建議報讀合適的暑期課程。

15. ABC 暑期班 15/7 開始,但我小朋友學校 17/7 才開始放暑假,可否交少 2 天學費?

  • 有關暑期班報名,家長需繳付全期學費;
  • 如需要請假,請家長必須於報名前向分校職員說明請假需要,相關的補堂安排需由分校職員為個別家長特別處理。

16. 升讀 K2 / K3,《暑期拼音快車》Vs.《 FUN FUN夏令營》有甚麼分別?

《暑期拼音快車》  《 FUN FUN 夏令營》 





每年熱報主打拼音,教授原音拼合法,學習原音發音、合拼及解碼技巧  除包含拼音外,還包羅其他多元學習:劍橋、手工、戲劇、科學及批判性思考訓練 
兩個課程的拼音內容用書是相同的,也是採用 ABC Pathways School 獨有的《Read4Fun》暑期分級系列《Read4Fun: Essential》,因此可以互相銜接。