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ABC Online Academy

All-round Online Learning Platform for Kindergartens, Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools.

ABC Online Programme Platform for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary

“ABC Online Academy” is an all-round online learning platform provided by ABC, offering a series of online teaching for kindergartens and online courses for primary schools. It allows students in Hong Kong to learn anytime and anywhere, and upon completion of certain courses, they can receive course certificates.

“ABC Online Academy” specifically offers a variety of online courses to cater to different children’s needs, ranging from pre-nursery to primary and secondary levels. These courses cover various subjects such as “Interview Skills for Primary One”, “Reading Comprehension”, “Grammar”, and more. The online courses provided by ABC follow a “zero-pressure” teaching philosophy and mode, allowing students to experience an international school’s teaching environment even when learning from home.

All online courses at ABC are taught by a team of highly-rated native teachers. Within the series of online supplementary courses for kindergartens and primary schools, various interesting activities are incorporated so that children can “learn while playing and play while learning” even in front of the camera!

Students Programmes (Playgroup, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary)

Parents Programmes

Webinars for Parents

Parenting Focus

Worksheet / Teaching Video Downloads

Parents Talk

In addition to offering various online courses for kindergartens and primary schools, ABC also organizes regular parent seminars to provide methods and advice to parents in solving problems. These seminars include admission talks for transitioning to primary school and parenting seminars hosted by the principal.

Furthermore, ABC invites alumni to share their experiences as parents, discussing their journey before and after the transition to primary school, as well as important considerations during interviews. This allows prospective parents of primary school students to pay attention to and gain insights from their experiences.

Free Online Learning Resources

ABC regularly creates a series of free online resources for kindergarten online classes and primary school online tutoring. These resources include free worksheets and online instructional videos, allowing students to download learning materials and acquire more knowledge while studying at home. ABC has already released over 250 sets of worksheets covering various learning topics, enabling students to broaden their horizons while engaging in their studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABC has introduced different online learning courses for primary school and kindergarten. Parents can choose suitable courses based on their children’s abilities and learning needs. In classes such as kindergarten online courses, teachers incorporate various elements to engage students and maintain their focus during the lessons. This ensures that online classes can be as effective as face-to-face classes in terms of learning outcomes.