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4 fascinating themes
12 hours of flourishing learning

Let’s take a closer look at the natural world together!

《ABC and The Big Little Adventure》

(27th-28th, March/ 2nd-3rd, April)

This course, conducted entirely in English, focuses on enhancing the four essential areas of learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It engages young learners with intriguing and relevant topics, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience.


4 Fascinating Themes

Day 1:
The Plant Kingdom
Day 2:
The Animal Empire
Day 3:
The Underground Realm
Day 4:
The Insect World

Key Vocabulary List
Playgroup tree, frog, bee, grow, small, big, leaf, ant, flower, water
K1-K2 cactus, bird, butterfly, garden, plant, grow, insect, petal, twig, insect 
K3-P1 bamboo, tortoise, butterfly, bloom, sunlight, shade, pond, leafy, branch, trunk
P2-P3 Venus flytrap, bat, ladybird, sprout, cobweb, habitat, ecosystem, life cycle, sunflower, nature
P4+ sunflower, gecko, aphid, flourish, photosynthesis, organism, adapt, environment, metamorphosis, conservation


🐰ABC Easter Programme
《ABC and The Big Little Adventure》

  • 2023 27th-28th, March/ 2nd-3rd, April

Learning Outcomes:

✅Enhanced English Proficiency:

This programme is designed to elevate your child’s English skills across listening, speaking, reading, and writing, utilizing engaging, theme-based activities.

✅Vocabulary Expansion:

Focus is placed on acquiring and applying theme-specific vocabulary, bolstering language comprehension and expressive abilities.

✅Critical and Creative Thinking:

Through discussions, problem-solving exercises, and creative crafts, the activities aim to foster your child’s critical and creative thinking capabilities.

✅Strengthened Comprehension and Communication:

A primary objective is to enhance your child’s understanding of both spoken and written English and their capability to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively.

✅Motor Skills and Creativity:

Included hands-on crafting activities are designed to refine fine motor skills while encouraging creative expression.


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👶🏻 Playgroup Students:

  • 2 hours/session
  • 6-8 students/class

👦🏻 K1-K2, K3-P1, P2-P3, P4+ Students:

  • 3 hours/session
  • 10 students/class


  • All promotions are calculated on a single application form
  • All discounts are applicable only to students who have paid the full tuition and materials fees (make-up classes are not applicable)

WhatsApp Enquires:
Course information:
For reference, below are worksheet examples from last year’s ABC Easter Programme 2023. Please note that the task structure for this year may differ from these examples.






Course Registration Notes
  • In the event of an epidemic, flu outbreak, or a No. 3 typhoon signal, ABC will follow the guidelines provided by the Education Bureau. If face-to-face classes need to be suspended, they will be transitioned to an online format to facilitate uninterrupted learning while ensuring safety.
  • Once the course tuition is paid, no refunds will be provided. In cases of significant personal incidents that require special refund consideration, classes that have already commenced, as well as course materials and supplies fees, are not eligible for a refund.
  • Any changes to the registration made after enrollment will incur an additional administrative fee of $100.
  • For other registration terms and conditions, please refer to the link provided.


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