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ABC Pathways School Notice:
The Implementation of the “Vaccine Pass” in ABC Schools

A circular regarding the implementation of the “Vaccine Pass” in the schools of Hong Kong was issued by the EDB on April 11th. ABC schools will strictly implement the new requirements starting from May 31st, 2022. Parents are advised to pay special attention to the following:

1) All persons visiting any ABC school campus (including parents and contractors), except for students and those who possess official exemption from vaccination due to medical conditions, must present records, via the “Leave Home Safe” app of having received at least:

i) the second dose of the COVID 19 vaccine (if entering within 6 months from the second dose)

ii) the third dose of the COVID 19 vaccine (if entering after 6 months from the second dose)

and check in using the app before entering the premises.

2) When ABC resumes face to face lessons, students will be dropped off and picked up outside the school premises. If parents need to enter the school for any reason, they must check in using the app “Leave Home Safe”, and present their electronic vaccination records (please upload beforehand) before entering the ABC premises.

We hope that the above measures can better ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff and students. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.