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Laugh Love Learn

Starting from the “heart”, passed down from generation to generation

Join hands with the ABC team

to create “City of Happy Learning” together.



To make HK become a “City of Happy Learning” 

… where every child will enjoy the learning process. ​

“Benevolence” and “Morality” are the cornerstones in their growth stages, and these virtues will be passed on to our future generations. ​


To rebuild ​the approach to learning in HK​

… where learning attitudes and parents’ mindsets are transformed to reach a “win-win-win” outcome on “happiness, academic performance, and family bonding”, ensuring parents won’t forget the dreams they had when they first began their parenting journey, in this era of chaos and unpredictable change. ​​


To have a shared philosophy with all of our stakeholders

The ABC Team is committed to basing all of our decisions on the best interests of our studentsWe are hand in hand with our stakeholders to realise our vision, mission and responsibility, at every step of the process all the way to the outcome.

Our Result

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten provides free kindergarten education to eligible students

As a supporting organization of “Happy School Campaign” by the Chief Happiness Officer Association (CHOA)

ABC Smile donated over 100,000 masks to those in need

ABC Pathways Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumplings Give Away